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Tandem-hr is a hub for professionals that bridges between talents and opportunities. Our diverse network and reputation enables us to find top notch projects for you. The projects that we offer span from a short to long term projects, they are technologically diverse and flexible in their execution.
We can be your talent agent. We will help you achieve your goals by approaching the customer and promote your interests. We will give you the needed support during your work, on both professional and interpersonal matters.



We are proficient in the high-tech world and know the company's competencies and culture. We guarantee a personal attention, and a professional and discreet attitude. We accompany you throughout the process, helping you to define your targets, polish your CV, prepare for interview and ramp up on your new job.

Our clients include start-ups, medium-sized companies, large corporations, venture capital funds and international companies.

We specialize in finding the appropriate role tailored for your abilities and aspirations and we will be your partners to build your career.



We understand your professional and technological needs. We strive to adjust to your unique company profile.
We are committed to fully understand your challenges by deploying a deep and meaningful screening process.
Tandem-hr is also specialized in finding candidates and fulfilling technological positions for Israeli companies abroad.


About Us

Tandem-hr specializes in locating, screening and placement of hi-tech professionals - graduates, seniors, leaders and managers.
We are actively operating in recruiting the best talent to Israeli companies here and abroad.
Tandem-hr was founded by Technion science graduates, thus our communication with the high-tech industry is direct and comprehensive.
We are committed to fully understand our client's technological challenges and needs by deploying a deep and meaningful screening process.
For our candidates, we are devoted to learn your professional development and aspirations. To that end, we accompany you in every step of the process.


The Founders


Orna Fierstein

Orna Fierstein, unit 8200 veteran. B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, and B.Sc. in Biology from the Technion.
Orna is a successful entrepreneur who founded and led four HR agencies in Israel and in North America. She has over 15 years' experience and profound knowledge in the engineering world. Orna has been working with various high-tech companies including small startups and large organizations.


Orit Kapon

Orit Kapon, B.Sc in computer engineering from the Technion.
Orit is an experienced software development manager, with more than 15 years' experience in software development. Orit has been working in a multi-disciplinary, international and startups companies.